Top 10 benefits of Coca Cola

The druggist John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in 1886. It was basically a flavour of kola nut, vanilla and other flavours. But now they contain artificial flavours. It is a blend of sugar, high fructose corn syrup and caffeine. The first drink that comes to most minds when we feel thirsty is Cola.

We know the best use of cola as thirst quencher. Of late Coca Cola has been associated with bad effects like high calories, kidney diseases etc. But there are several other benefits of cola which perhaps you would not have known.

Here are ten such benefits.

Top 10 benefits of Coca Cola

Top 10 benefits of Coca Cola

1. A tanning component

Bored of your regular skin tone? Get a lovely tan with coke! Spray coke evenly over your entire body and enjoy the crispy hot sun sipping a chilled coke. This tan will last as long for at least three months!

2. Stain remover

Stubborn stains of grease and blood are very difficult to be washed off the clothes. Even the expensive and advanced stain removers may not prove useful. A simple solution can be a tin of coke poured along with the detergent onto the clothes. It also makes your clothes fragrant.

3. Medicine for upset health

Coke can serve as a medicine for stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea and sore throat. A flat glass of coke can give you a good relief. Doesn’t this remedy make it a tasty medicine? Try it next time!

4. Insect repellent/killer

Forget the idea of spending a huge amount of treating you garden with the stinky pesticides. Place a bowl of coke in your garden. Sugar in the coke attracts the bugs and the soda in it kills them. Pour the left over coke on your lawn. The phosphoric acid in coke makes the lawn greener.

5. Temporary cure for Asthma

Yes, coke can be a quick fix for Asthma attacks. Asthma patients can get an unpredictable attack. If you have forgotten to carry your inhaler, drinking a can or two of coke can be a temporary solution. Asthma that is caused by contraction of the bronchial passage gets dilated due to caffeine contained in coke.

6. Cleans rust

Phosphoric acid, sugar, and carbon dioxide in coke make a great combination of rust buster solution. The usage is simple too. Soak the item overnight and a good scrub in the morning will make  it rust-free. Isn’t it really cheap and easy?

7. Cleans burnt utensils

Sometimes, due to overcooking your new utensils may get burnt and look too old. Again cola can be a simple solution! Empty a can of coke to the level where it is darkened and heat it on a stove. Leave it for an hour and wash it. You can notice that that utensil looks brand new.

8. Lovely curls

If you have curly hair and do not know how to maintain it, cola is the best option. All you need is a can of flat coke. Pour it on your hair and leave it in for few minutes before rinsing it thoroughly. It does separate your curls perfectly.

9. Silky skin

Dry itchy skin is a common problem faced by many especially during the dry winters. Keep all your lotions aside and try this for silky soft skin. Mix a spoonful of cola with unscented lotion and use it on your body. Your skin will be smoother than ever for days.

10. Removes gum in your hair

A lot of us have the habit of chewing gum. If by accident you get gum in your hair do not panic. Coke will rescue you. Dip the gum coated hair in a small bowl of coke for a few minutes. The coke will automatically wipe it off.

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